Hear my heart roar, it’s constant hunger for love. It’s constant cries of pain. It’s only fed by lies. The first lies are told when we are young. You see, our minds are filled with make-believe stories. Fairy-tales. As I grew up, I learned that love is more than just holding hands. The sun rise here, and the sun sets there. He could be here, and he can be gone in thin air. So you must hush little baby, and don’t you cry. No one said your prince charming wasn’t a tin man in disguise. He have no heart, so he does not care about those salty currents as they ripple along your cheeks.

Hear my heart crack, like the bruised up sidewalk. Stepped on by those who reflect pain. One day it will all make sense. One day I will find a cure.

Hear my heart thunder as my emotions pour. Is there anyone out there that will stop this war? Is there anyone out there that will make me believe again? Not believe in Cinderella’s story, because that’s one of the lies told that brought me into this situation.

Hear my heart’s call as it pounds like a drum. She sings for freedom. Locked in a dark cage, a prisoner of neglect. Alone, but fills this room with love. The greatest fighter in my body, with hope that someone will listen.

Hear my heart.


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