Thyroid Disease Update.

Previously, I wrote about being diagnosed with Thyroid Disease. I have a hyperthyroid, so my heart rate is always racing. I also have trouble with memory, I am always weak and shaking a lot. I have anxiety, and I also have trouble breathing. There are other symptoms but those are what I face on a daily basis.

For the past two months, I spent more time in bed as if I am on bed arrest. I would wake up then fall asleep because I literally have no energy. I eat a lot and I am constantly exercising, so I know the problem is my thyroid. My parents would yell at me because in their eyes, I am being lazy.

I don’t get to choose what I can or cannot do. There are things that I want to do, but I can’t fight with my body. Today, I woke up around 9a.m. My body is use to waking up at that time. I walked my dog, but I started breathing heavily and felt dizzy. Next thing I knew, I was in bed again. At 11a.m., I tried to force myself to get up. I didn’t even make it out again, I slept until 2p.m. At the moment I am slightly tired, but I am awake. My neck is killing me and I am still having trouble with breathing.

I have this rule that if I sleep past 11a.m., then I am wasting my day. However, I cannot fight with my body anymore so there is not much that I can do. My condition worsens with every week that pasts. I try to not become so depressed about dealing with this disease.

My aunt and grandma are the only two that understand what I am going through and constantly call me asking how I am doing. I don’t know what I would do without their love and support. I just wish the other people that I am close with cared enough to ask. I am trying to put that past me and not worry so much. People are just too concerned with their lives and sometimes forget about those in their lives.

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist on Monday. After searching and dealing with ridiculous doctors, I am hoping this appointment will be better.


8 thoughts on “Thyroid Disease Update.

  1. Crystal try to remember that what is going on in your body is not your fault and is uncontrollable, but with the right meds you will start feeling better. Your heart racing and trouble breathing is the same thing I was going through it’s called tachycardia and it’s caused by your thyroid being unbalanced. My doctor has me on 10mg of bystolic twice a day for my heart until he can get my thyroid levels balanced, it works great no heart racing or trouble breathing and it cuts down the anxiety I have every day. Hope you get to feeling better in no time…Good luck with your appointment on Monday!


    1. Thank you so much, Melanie. =)
      I have a question, would you ever have surgery to remove the nodules or would you continue to take medicine to control your thyroid. My aunt had surgery years ago, although she still have to take medicine. The thought of it somewhat scare me.


      1. Hi Crystal,

        Let me start by saying that you have a beautiful voice! You should tryout on American Idol or the Voice….
        Ok the only way I would have surgery is if the nodule were cancerous and I had no other choice. My nodule is small in size right now and it hasn’t grown. Sometimes you don’t have to have surgery, if the nodule is big and blocking your airway making it hard to breath or swallow and is non-cancerous, then they can give you a capsule or a liquid form of radioactive iodine that is absorbed by your thyroid gland, causing the nodules to shrink and signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism to subside, usually within two to three months. I guess if I had a choice between the surgery and the radioactive iodine I would choose the surgery swallowing any form of radioactive iodine I think would be dangerous….if you decide to go with the iodine you can’t be around anyone for like a week, so what does that tell ya? I think I’ll take my chances with surgery. Be warned though Crystal and I don’t mean to scare you, but if you opt for surgery please be aware that it could potentially damage the nerve that controls your vocal cords.
        Crystal if you ever need to talk or get a hold of me I don’t always check my blog, but you can reach me via email at: or call me at: 904-864-1262 Have a blessed day….


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