Misconception with religion.

A couple of weeks ago a man asked me a question, “Are you super religious?” I get asked this question a lot and I hear people talk about Christians that are “super religious.” I asked him this,”What is your definition of a super religious person, because I do not believe in someone being super religious. I have a personal relationship with God and although I am not a perfect Christian he constantly molds me into becoming a better person. If you are asking if I am crazy for Jesus, then yes I am.”

To this man, as well as a lot of people their perception of a super religious person is someone who knocks on doors like a Jehovah’s Witness, attends church daily, but do not follow the laws of the Gospel. To many, super religious means hypocrisy. I do not believe in the term “super religious.” I am a Christian woman, and I was born under sin. I was baptized, and throughout my life I have sinned. I use to wonder how do people speak to God and get answers from The Lord. It wasn’t until I hit my 20’s that I must have a relationship with God! When I say a relationship, you must treat your relationship with God better than anyone you love. ALWAYS put God first and take time out for him. Speak to him, pour your heart to him, he knows what is going on in your heart.

You cannot expect to hear his voice if you have not spent time with him. You cannot judge religion if you have not tried. I have gone to churches where the pastors cared more about money more than God himself. I have also been to churches who read from the Bible but are not able to teach me the scripture. It is one thing to read from something, but to have understanding is another. Those people simply do not have a relationship with God. They know of him and talk about him, but they do not KNOW him.

People look down to religion and tell me,”It’s just too much.” or “I just don’t believe, it does not make sense.” Really? You are telling me that you cannot spend at least 15 minutes out of your 24 hours of a day to talk to God, but you have all the time in the world to sin? And what is there to not believe when all of the facts are right there in your face? People spend too much time questioning instead of learning. They want all of the answers in the world. Bluntly speaking, that’s too bad. We are never to question Faith. When you question Faith, you are already telling me that you do not believe.

I am very passionate when it comes to speaking about this topic. Never should you lean on your own understanding. The reason why I am passionate is because I have gone through hell and back. Without a relationship with God, I was lost and everything went downhill. I felt empty and alone. However, the more I learned and the more I picked up my Bible I started to build a relationship with Him. I cannot explain to you how it feels, but it is the best feeling in the world. I realize that I am nothing without Him. Of course I still go through trials, but I tell myself that God is bigger than my problem and with Faith I will get through it.

The devil tries to get to me, but my God is strong. Keep the faith alive.


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