Walk for Animals 2014

One of the few things I am passionate about are animals. Ever since I was a child, I use to rescue strays and nurse them in my home. My parents are from the Caribbean, so to them animals are meant to stay outside. I never understood why human beings belonged outside, but animals could not have a home. I see them no less than human beings. My latest pets are a rescue and adopted. I became my dog’s mother after one of my family members could not keep her any longer. At that time I did not plan on having a pet. I lost my cat, Pepper who I also adopted from a friend. I became devastated and did not want to own a pet ever again. However, I could not say no because I wanted to make sure my dog found a safe home. I changed her name to Lucy, (Lulu for short) because of my obsession over Lucille Ball.

A year later, a friend of mine came to my doorsteps with a box of four newborn kittens that he found in his garage. I immediately researched ways on how to care for newborn kittens. They were only a week old and were starving! My dog cried once she saw them. I was afraid that she would harm them, so I kept her away from them. I have never seen an animal become attached to another at first sight! Because I did not have the proper materials to care for them, I tried my best. The next morning I missed school so that I could buy all of the products and look after the kittens. My best friend came over to help me feed, clean, and play with them. I bought a heating pad to keep them warm, kitten milk, and kitten bottles. Over the next few days I did not sleep! I woke up every 3-4 hours to feed all four of them and burping them took forever. Also, because they could not use the bathroom on their own, I had to help them with that as well. It was like taking care of a newborn baby! I had to eventually find them homes and I was not thrilled about that. I wanted to make sure whoever became their new parents knew how to take care of newborn kittens. If not, then I showed them how to do so. I also wanted to make sure their home was cat proofed and clean. I kept the tiniest one because I was afraid that she would not have the proper care. Something told me that if I left her in the hands of another person, she could possibly pass away. The others were much easier to care for, but she needed better care. I named her Bella because she is beautiful!

My parents were not happy about having a dog AND a cat in their home. However, it all worked out. While I was in school, my dog helped me take care of my cat. Turns out, my dog’s motherly instinct kicked in once she saw the kittens and simply wanted to help them. Two years later, I still have my two blessings that I call my own children and I believe everything happens for a reason. Bella is very healthy and not tiny anymore. She is very playful. My parents complain every now and then, but they do not mind them anymore and enjoy feeding Bella and Lulu.

My purpose in writing that short story was to inform you guys how much I love animals. I will always nurse them as if they are my own and I am passionate about finding homeless animals a home. I use to volunteer for The Humane Society, and in March of 2014 I am participating in their Walk for Animals fundraiser. We have to help raise as much as we can to help thousands of homeless pets. I would appreciate it if you would please make a donation under my name, which I will provide if you comment below. You can donate as low as $1 up to any amount. My goal is to raise $100, but I am hoping that I can raise much more than that. Here’s the link to my page.

Thank you!


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