I Am On God’s Time.

I just want to say how amazing God is and his perfect timing. I get sad, frustrated, and upset whenever things don’t go my way. But at the end of the day, I pour my heart out to him and tell him that I trust him.

Last night as I poured my heart out to God, I thanked him for a lot of the positive things in my life. I prayed and said that I trust him and I will always go wherever he takes me. I asked for strength, courage, and wisdom.

Today one of my prayers were answered. How awesome was that? He lead me and I followed. God’s timing is always the best timing. I did not feel ill today. I got out of bed not feeling as tired as usual. My throat hurt a bit, but I was able to get out of bed. He gave me that strength to get up and go to where I was supposed to be.

Later on, I bought some food. As I was walking home, I saw a homeless man that I constantly see around the area. I have never seen him where I was walking before. My father always give him whatever he have to this man. It was as if God’s voice was loud in my head telling me to give this man my food! I turned around, walked to this man and said,”Excuse me, would you like to have this?” He said,”Yeah sure, thank you!” That made my day. It’s the little things that make my heart smile.


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