For the broken hearted.

I have so much in my heart at the moment. I also have so much to write about, that I don’t even know where to start!

To start off, let me say happy Sunday! I cannot find enough words to explain my love for Jesus. As I prayed before I went to bed, I felt that Holy Spirit. I felt God’s presence. I began to speak in a language of love. I felt peaceful and pure. To feel a love like that makes me want more. I am telling you, when you put God first and you have a personal relationship with him there is no better feeling in the world!

I want to write about my choice to remain single until my Adam wakes up and find me. I have lost interest in dating men who I know are not meant for me. Within a few seconds of talking to someone, I am able to tell if they are meant for me or not. Whenever I talk to the wrong men I can hear God yelling in my head, “RUN FROM THAT MAN MY CHILD!” I admit, I will get frustrated in The Lord. There are times when I would think that I will remain single for 10-20 more years. I tell myself, “Here’s my goal. I want to get married in 3-4 years and then start a family in 5 years. How will I accomplish that if I am still single?!” But then, I tell myself that I must trust in God. He is only protecting my heart and cannot stand to see me cry and get hurt from men that he did not tell me to be with.

How can you be upset if your relationship or marriage has failed when God did not tell you to be in it in the first place?

It’s all about trusting in the right timing. At this moment I am focused on my health conditions and battling to get better, school, work, family, and God. I was never able to just work on myself until now. I can feel a miracle that is bound to happen. I am grateful for whatever God place in my life.


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