For mature audiences only.

I decided to write an entry after a few people have asked me about my decision to remain celibate. Everyone I tell question me in confusion and misunderstand as to why I have made this decision. Although I would like to get into it, this is not what this post is about.

A few facts about myself:
1. I was abstinent for 19 years and hoped to abstain from sex until I married
2. I have vowed celibacy a few times in my early 20’s
3. Although I have tried to practice celibacy before, I did not have a true relationship with God like I do now so this time I am practicing it the right way

Here’s a few pointers on how the subject of sex never enter my mind anymore. Before I begin, this is only for single people who should not sleep around with random people!

1. Stay away from pornography
2. You have to learn how to stop giving into masturbation
3. Distract yourself
– Find a new hobby, work out, go out and have fun, do whatever you can to distract yourself. When you keep yourself busy, you will not have the time to do so
4. If someone is not your wife or husband, they do not belong in your bed
5. You have to fight the urge. Stay away from any temptations, you are in control of your actions!
6. This should have been #1, but I have a relationship with God and I use to pray for him to help me and guide me through this. I was tired of being used by men. I was tired of being hurt and not being able to be in a relationship because majority of the men I dated only wanted sex. In order for my Adam to wake up and find me, I had to first seek God. I then had to cut off everything that prevented me from finding my future husband. I am not placed on this planet to sleep around, I am placed on here to find my husband and build a future with my family.

It’s not much of a secret on how I practice celibacy. It’s not complex. Coming from someone with a terrible past, sex is not everything. I grew disgusted from men who knew they would not marry me, but wanted to use me. Because of this, my mind is completely uninterested in this topic. It is and should be something special between you and your wife/husband. There are tons of things to do while you are single. Enjoy your life while you can!


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