When you disobey God, you will pay for your consequences.

The closer you grow in Christ, the more you’ll crave Godly things.

Serving Christ have changed my attitude towards the things that I have done. I stopped caring for sin and have craved Godly things. Drinking and partying are no longer a necessity to me. I stopped caring to do so. Every sin that I desired have officially left my system. Being able to work on myself and cleanse these problems have changed my life.

I have felt this certain seed that have been planted in my heart this month. The more I ask God to protect me from evil and to help my flesh die daily so that I can grow closer to him, the more I feel pure. I had a trip planned months ago. This involved certain acts of sin. A few weeks before this trip, I felt afraid. I begged and I prayed for forgiveness because it was too late to turn back from this trip. God threw signs at me warning me to not go. In my heart, I did not want to go. However, I went because I did not want to be shunned by my friends. It was my best friend’s birthday and I also wanted to be there for her.

Let me just say this, God made sure that we would not enjoy this trip and went through hell at the same time. Nothing went right. There was drama between family, the club that my friend wanted to go to was ridiculous. We stood there watching others and yawned the whole time. We also planned to drink the whole night, but that did not happen. I am actually glad, because I no longer want to be in that state anymore. We could not get into the mood to dance. It was flat out LAME. The theme park was not what we expected either. We were bored out of our minds. Not saying we did not have fun, but we only liked two rides. The rest were for children. We could not go to City Walk because of the shuttle. The shuttle also had a delay.

We constantly dealt with trouble with transportation, we were stranded and could not go home. This resulted in going home the next day and having to spend around $100 each for a car rental. That’s only the beginning. I do not wish to get into it because I do not believe in putting other people’s personal lives out in public. This past weekend, God was in my head telling me that what I had planned was not going to happen. Indeed it did NOT happen. We paid for our consequences. It was not like He did not warn us, He warned us several times. I am not one to bash anyone or throw them under the bus, but I did have a backup plan. However, that lead to drama between us all. So, I went along with whatever was planned.

The point of this lesson is if God tries to protect you from something, do not disobey his plan. There are reasons behind to everything that He does. If you try to fight against him, you will lose and pay for those consequences. You can’t complain about something when He did not tell you to do it!


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