Who Are You Fooling?

Someone, a few people have said something that really stood out to me.

It’s not Sunday, so why should I listen to the Gospel or act Holy?

As I try to stay calm, I just pray that God helps them to draw closer to him. I am a woman who cannot hold her tongue when it comes to things that I am passionate about.

How do you expect God to know you if you only know him a few hours one day out of your week, then you go back to worshiping the devil? You must be a Christian 24/7! You will pray to him when you need something, and they are not answered because he does not know you! It’s not hard to take time out if your day daily to speak with him. He wants to know you, but you must seek him first.

It truly disgust me to hear hypocrites say this. I admit, I was one of those Christians who did not understand why my parents went to church daily. I did not understand, so I asked God to help me understand. I do wish from the bottom of my heart that they develop a personal relationship with Christ.

Also, just because you go to church.. I repeat, just because you go to church, it is not guaranteed that you are saved! It’s not enough! I will always say this: it is easy to hear about Christ, preach about him, or read a few scriptures. However, you must come to an understanding! If you do not have a relationship with Christ and you do not understand then you do not know Him and he does not know you! I sit here and study certain people. On Sunday they are Holy, then all of a sudden either hours later or the remaining of the week they are in strip clubs, clubs, or just up to no good. I don’t understand this concept.

Who are you fooling? He is watching. And I am not here to judge either, I am passing the message. I do pray that it gets better. I do have hope that it will in due time because if He helped open my eyes and my heart then He can change another life. However, you must seek Him first.

Have a blessed day.


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