Thyroid Awareness Month.

There’s no greater fight than fighting for a cure.


January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Your thyroid is a small butterfly shape located just underneath your Adam’s apple. It’s role is to produce thyroid hormones which functions your body’s organs. Producing too little or too much can cause your body to not function properly.

To read more about thyroid disease and thyroid cancer, read here

As written in previous posts, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease in May 2013. In 2012, I started to have a few symptoms such as my neck swelling however, I did not pay any attention to it. I assumed I had an allergic reaction. I always suffered from depression and anxiety as well, so I thought these symptoms were not a big deal.

However, in May after my aunt noticed the nodules in my neck she told me that I have thyroid disease. I decided to go to the doctor and indeed I was diagnosed with thyroid disease.

Dealing with this is the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. Often I feel alone simply because no one understands what it is like to deal with these symptoms. I have most of the symptoms from both hypothyroidism an hyperthyroidism. On a daily basis I am moody, fatigue, weak, constantly craving food however I am always losing weight, I have memory loss, I can literally feel and hear my heart racing, I have anxiety attacks, I am sensitive to heat so I do not go out in the sun, and I feel depressed out of nowhere.

Those are just some of the symptoms that I have. It affects my relationship with others including my social life. I have told someone once that I feel safe at home now and I avoid going outside. I use to be someone who was never home and I enjoyed going out.

I am still fighting hard and trying to be strong. To people, I look healthy. But this is only because I don’t show my weaknesses. I am also fighting year doctors (not literally) so that I can start feeling better again. I know this won’t be easy, but I know that I will feel better some day.

I am writing this post so that people will be aware of this. Please have your thyroid checked! I would like to thank those who have been here for me and those I have been there for whenever we need someone to talk to and listen. If anyone would like, I am always here to listen so feel free to send an email or a comment. You are not alone. God bless and keep the faith alive!


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