If You Don’t Like Something, Change It. If You Can’t Change It, Change Your Attitude.

Being open minded is important, it will open you up to more opportunities. You will experience the unexpected and discover what you’ve been missing.


I have not been focusing on social media lately, but when I do sign on a website there’s one thing that stands out to me. The topic of discussion about interracial relationships. Racial slurs are being thrown at people who choose to be with the ones they love.

The more I read about these discussions, the more I want ask, “WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?!” You cannot control love and God’s plans for someone’s love life. As a child, at a very young age (I believe I was either 13 or 14), I just knew that some day my husband will be someone that is outside of my race. At the age of 7, my first crush was a little Caucasian boy that had blonde hair, blue eyes, wore glasses all the time, and always wore this green sweater. He never spoke to anyone else, except for his twin sister. He was one of the smartest kids in class. Intelligence will always attract me. I never thought of him as someone who had a different complexion. I liked this boy because he was smart.

Most of my relationships were with someone that is outside of my race. I’ve heard it all and I’ve gotten “the stares of disgust.” I’ve had friends that would ask me why do I like white boys and would be disgusted by my preferences. Most people would assume and misinterpret the fact that because I love being in an interracial relationship, I’ve never dated outside inside of my race. I have dated within & outside of my race. I will never be closed minded. If I like a guy, the color of his skin is definitely not something I look at first… And it is the last thing I will ever think about. I’ve also been rejected by guys because I was not in the same race as they are. Things like this tore me apart. I’m an open minded person, and I see no color when it comes to love. Over time I learned when it comes to ignorance, allow it to go through one ear and out the other. I never allow anything or anyone to stop me from love.

I subscribe to couples that are in interracial relationships because it gives me hope and it gives me inspiration whenever a slur is thrown at me. Most of the time, while I am watching I am completely blinded by the color of their skin. That’s how it should be! Seeing two people in love should be all that we see. Lately, I’ve been reading articles about one of my favorite actresses, Tamera Mowry-Housley. I adore her son and I love her family! I also respect what she has said in her interview with People Magazine:

“People choose to look past love and spew hate,” she said. “I get called ‘white man’s whore… What I’ve learned, honestly, is people who are saying this, it’s their issue, it’s their hate,” she tells People. “As long as you don’t pass that along and be a part of that hate, you can be a change in the world. And that’s the reason why, honestly, I chose to speak of it.”

Since going public with her struggle she’s feeling the love from her family and beyond. “My father is very proud of me, my mother is very proud of me, and also interracial couples are very proud of me,” she says. “It was very important to voice it, but at the same time move on from it and focus on positivity from now on.”

With that being said:

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

-Maya Angelou


3 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like Something, Change It. If You Can’t Change It, Change Your Attitude.

  1. Trust I know how you feel. I have lost friends over this. But in the end it’s people’s issues not mine. I used to be so easily intimidated in my younger years, this is no longer the case. I have realized that as long as I validate myself, I won’t need to be validated by others. Tamera is right, it’s other people’s issues not hers. Good article!


    1. You’re right. I’m glad you’re no longer intimidated and if you have lost friends because of that, then they weren’t meant to be in your life anyway. Best wishes to you, and thank you for following my blog! I love your page. Keep it up!


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