Kale Chips, Penne with Veggies, Three-Bean Chili, Warm Spinach Salad + Garlic and Greens Soup

VegCookBook Club

Hello VegCooks!

Sorry it’s been so long since I did a round-up/VegCookbook Club Story Swap. I think I’ve mentioned that I have a new, almost full-time job, and I’m having trouble finding time to blog here regularly.

Plus, y’all been cooking up a storm. It’s hard to keep up! Over the three weeks, 25 of us have made and shared almost 120 recipes from our January and February VegCookbooks!

Just out of curiosity, how useful/interesting are the VegCookbook Club Story Swaps to you? Should I continue them, or do you follow along with people’s VegCooking on your own?


Since I last posted a round-up a few weeks ago, I’ve made a bunch of stuff from The Vegan Table by our February VegCookbook author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau:

I made the Three-Bean Chili last weekend for the Super Bowl. Very yummy and so colorful. I didn’t include the suggested cayenne powder…

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