Shh, it’s all an illusion. ;)


I’ve been craving a veggie burger for weeks now. I find it ridiculous how just one veggie burger alone would cost me $10, so I decided to make it on my own while saving money!




For the vegetarian meat, I bought the Original Veggiburger Gluten free patty, which is found at Publix.
For season I covered it in Haitian epice which is blended from garlic, spices, and vegetables.


What you will need:
1 Vegetarian patty
Slices of tomato
Go Veggie! Cheese (picture shown above)
Any other toppings you normally eat such as pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise, onions, and/or mustard.

I put my stove on medium and waited until it got warm. Then, I added oil until it got hot. Once it got hot, I fried the patty for 5 minutes on each side. After it turned a golden to brown color, I placed it on my bun.

Topped it off with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, vegan cheese, and ketchup.

These are Publix brand sweet potato fries.

I preheated my oven on 425 degrees.
I took a baking pan and covered it with oil and spread it all around even at the too because you don’t want the fries to stick to the pan.
I placed it in my oven and set it for 20 minutes.
After 10 minutes had gone by, I flipped the fries over then placed it back in the oven until it was done.

Season for taste if you want or you can enjoy it plain.


For this smoothie I didn’t add so much this time. I like to make different smoothies/shakes every time that I make them.



2 bananas
7 strawberries
1 kiwi
1 cup of water
1 cup of spinach leaves
1 lemon
Ice cubes

Prepare everything in the blender. Squeeze the lemon on top of everything. You can choose to cut up the lemon and add it with everything or just squeeze the juice out of it.

Blend and enjoy!



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