Learn to let go!

Before you continue to beg for forgiveness for the same mistakes you continue to make, stop and possibly work on yourself. Also, remember that actions speak louder than words.
I cannot begin to explain the amount of people who thought they could run all over me simply because I have a big heart and I am always willing to forgive. One person also had the audacity to throw in this line, “You’re a Christian and I am a good person, so I should be forgiven.”

To that person, I explained to them that although we are meant to forgive – and I am not saying that you should never forgive… God pulls people out of your life for a reason! If you do not close certain doors, God will do it for you.

I never understood why I’ve lost many friendships and relationships. As the seasons changed, so did the people in my life.

1 Corinthians 15:33,34
Your friends determine your outcome in life. Bad company corrupts good character.

Stop holding onto someone whom God never told you to be with in the first place! This applies to all friendships & relationships! You know that person isn’t right at all, but you continue to make excuses for them. You’re praying to have your enemies removed from your life when you’re holding onto them so tight that you are too blind to pay attention to what God is protecting you from!

Back to forgiveness.

If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.

No matter how many times someone would hurt me, I always forgive them. It may take a while depending on the situation, but I will always have an open heart. I have friends who have stabbed me in the back and who have walked out of my life. However, whenever I see those people dealing with issues and need open arms and someone to speak to, I will always be here. I’ve always been this way. I use to assume I was cursed and asked God why am I this way? I learned that this is a gift, it is the Christian way. So I continue to be the person that He made me to be.

There will be people who will take an advantage of this. They know that as long as you will forgive them, they will continue to purposely make the same mistakes. In all honesty, you do not need people like that in your life. Your partner or friend is suppose to lift you, not bring you down. Forgive them, but shut negativity out of your life.

I’ve had a friend that would purposely ignore me or purposely cancel our plans just so that she could hang out with “much more interesting” friends. I would send her a text on a Monday, then have an answer two weeks after. One time it was literally a month after! Her excuse: She’s been busy. Now I was not raised a fool. I am a very understanding person, but if you are intentionally lying just to avoid me then why are we friends?

I’ve also had an ex that cheated on me 4 times. Every time that I took him back, I assumed that he changed and made up excuses for him. I held onto him because I thought I was in love and was afraid of being lonely. I was much younger then and I certainly wasn’t listening to God back then! I broke up with him after our fourth year of being together simply because he did not show me that he have changed. There was no point in me continuing to set myself up for a heartbreak.

Learn to listen to God whenever he warn you about people. Instead of asking why this person is no longer in your life, understand that you took too long to shut them out. Learn to let go of certain people! He never told you to be with this person and He never told you to hang around the wrong crowds.

I love it whenever God protects me from the things I pray about. Listen to Him and trust in Him.


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