If not now, then when?

Satan’s greatest lie: You have plenty of time to get right with God!

Sounds familiar? I use to stick with that lie for most of my life. I use to allowed my peers to fill in my head that it’s okay to sin because we are young. I use to allow myself to sin because I told myself that God will forgive me anyway. I was fooling myself and I wondered why my life was not on the right track and why my relationship with Him didn’t exist. I knew of Him, but not personally.

If you won’t turn away from evil now then when? You can’t give into Christ last minute as if you’re about to turn in an overdue homework. Just like turning in late work and receiving a fat F, you will get the same results from God. He does not know you relationship wise. The problem is, you think that you’re too much of a sinner for God to love you. He saw this coming, he wants your love. He already loves you. Don’t allow yourself to make decisions because the night is still young and you have your whole life ahead of you to do the right thing and mistakes are “okay” because you eventually learn from them. Bluntly speaking, whoever tells you these lies is not your friend and if you tell yourself these lies, you do not love yourself enough. I surely didn’t love myself because “Everyone is doing it.” Well, everyone also didn’t tell me that I would be paying for these consequences.

Fighting temptation is only hard if you allow yourself to become weak. Stay focused, give these problems to God and pray that you overcome them. I spoke to someone about my decision to be celibate until marriage and this is exactly how our conversation went:

Person: How do you do it?
Me: Well, it wasn’t easy at all but I distract myself and I spend a lot of time with God now. I lost interest in sleeping with men who aren’t my husband.
P: Wow! I couldn’t do it, you’re good.

FAIL! 1. That’s the devil talking 2. If he really wanted to do it, he can overcome that temptation. He just choose not to. I will repeat this over and over because I am not perfect at all: IT IS NOT EASY! However, that is why it’s God’s battle, not ours.

I’m writing this because I didn’t have anyone pushing me to get on the right track. I’ve always had people that guided me to the wrong paths in life until I continuously prayed to Jesus that he help guide me. I don’t want anyone feeling like it’s too late or they’re not worthy enough to do the right thing.

Let’s break through these temptations one step at a time. Keep the faith alive! 🙂


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