My mom was the tooth fairy all along.

As I lay here telling my little sister stories about my past, I just wanted to share an interesting short story.

When I was a child, my parents didn’t believe in the tooth fairy. In fact, they didn’t know she existed until I explained to them that she never left me any money under my pillow. My mum told me what her culture does when they lose a tooth. She took me outside and we faced our house. She told me in Creole that I must say this, “Rat, rat, I’m throwing an ugly tooth for you so that you can give a pretty tooth for me.” She then made me throw my tooth on top of the roof. My face lit up in hopes to receive a beautiful tooth because quite frankly I did not want to have teeth like a rat. Every time my tooth came out, I would become excited and grab my mum or my brother to come with me outside. As I grew up I stopped believing in all myths and I stopped doing this.

Now that I am thinking about this, I will carry this on and share it with my own children some day. Of course I will leave money under their pillows, but that’s if I decide to burst their bubbles and tell them I am the tooth fairy so that I can save money and have them throw their teeth on our roof… I’m totally kidding. Oh, and thanks mum for my beautiful smile haha. =)

Hope you enjoyed this story. Have a wonderful day.



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