The Side Effects to a Broken Heart.

I hate you seems too strong
Words that sting, sizzle on my tongue
Like the wounds that you promised to heal
Broke me down, ran away
I hate you is getting easier to slip out of my mouth
Like the time you slipped when you promised to never be like the rest

Took me out of the dark, dried my tears
First came friendship, then love
Every word, every line makes it easy to hate you
I believed in the light
Built me up, gave me hope
You’re my best enemy, I’ve lost a lot of you’s
A lot of broken stories, not enough tears to dry

You took everything,  a thief even in the light
Sweetest kind of love
Our love was like the smell of a fresh garden
So pure,  filled with happiness
Like the sun that kissed our skin

I hate you, words that bleed on my mouth like the heart that you stabbed
It’s easy to walk away because you’re not left with a mess to clean
On my own once again, back to where I began
Except you’re out of the picture

I hate you, I hate you, then I love you again
I’ve spit these words out more than the word love
Once upon a time I loved you
We grew from our mistakes,  from all the fights and the tears
Forgiveness is a beautiful thing
Another chance to love all over again
We loved too deep to go down those paths all over again

You were all I had, so it’s easy to say I hate you
Lost in you, there was a point where it was just you and I
Eternity, indescribable kind of love
I wish I had a warning, an expiration date
Cause baby you took all of that and disappeared

I hate you, but this is the beginning to breaking free
All the reasons as to why I should never fall again
At least not for Mr.Right now, Mr. Temporarily,  Mr.Wrong, Mr.Here today, gone tomorrow
I’ll get back on my feet, then forget I hate you
Because by then I’ll forget about all of this

Including you.


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