Thyroid Follow-up.

A few of you wanted me to follow up on my next appointment to the doctors. Well, here it is. I will try to not express the anger I felt in this post as I did earlier.

I’m on my third doctor, I was referred to see an endocrinologist. At first I really thought he cared unlike the others until we went over my lab results and my ultrasound today. Let me just say he did not check for everything. Just the basic. These results came out as normal like always, however it appears that my Vitamin D is low. It also showed that I have anemia. The anemia part threw me off, if anything my thyroid probably caused me to be in a month? My ultrasound showed that the masses found on both nodules have grown but my doctors claims they are not large enough to examine. My goiter is also not large enough to examine (so he says). Last year my nodules were .8mm. This time it’s 1.18 in. (left) &1.27 in. (right), so they say. However, no one can explain what’s the large masses found around them. You can simply look at my neck and see that they’re growing. I often have to hide them with my hair whenever I take pictures.

I explained to him that if they are not large enough to examine, then why can I not breathe normally? I also cannot sleep on my right side (which is where the larger mass is located). I often wake up gasping for air or have to have someone wake me up because I cannot breathe in my sleep. The feeling of having air cut off because of the right nodule is terrifying. Also, I am a singer. I find it hard to sing now because I get tired easily and I simply cannot breathe or push out the right notes. I use to belt effortlessly. I can’t raise my voice when I talk. People can barely hear me. His explanation, it’s my nerves. He said that I could be nervous or I am having panic attacks. I rolled my eyes. I have been singing my whole life, I rarely get stage fright. There is always that nervous yet exciting feeling before a show, but it’s all gone once you’re on stage. Then he asked if I’m normally depressed or moody. Of course not! I’m naturally bubbly and I’m always smiling however, these symptoms cause me to feel depressed. Of course he did not want to hear any of that. So, he is making me take tranquilizers so that I can “calm down” especially when I get too excited. I’m pretty sure my nerves have nothing to do with any kind of pressure added onto my neck, especially where the larger mass is found. I’m also sure being excited is a normal feeling. I’m always happy, I get excited over the littlest things…

Moving forward, he then asked how come I’ve been losing so much weight. You tell me, because last I checked I told this doctor so many times that I have symptoms for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism around my menstrual cycle. So, during my menstrual cycle I lose a lot of weight. Afterwards, I gain weight. It goes up and down. I’m not going to eat more than I do because I already eat a lot. He had no solution to this issue other than to eat more.

So ladies and gentlemen, I am being put on tranquilizer, vitamin 2, and iron pills. So, just like the other two doctors I am being seen as normal. Sort of, this third one thinks I have a mental disorder and that I need help calming down. I really didn’t believe it when I spoke to other patients when they said they were being seen as mental as well.

I really cannot make all of this up. I’ve been diagnosed for two years now and not one doctor have given me thyroid medication or a resolution about the masses found on my nodules. I’m definitely searching for a new doctor. I have over 50 symptoms, yet I’m being seen as normal but psycho.

You cannot treat anyone just based off of their lab results. No two thyroid patient is alike,. You’re meant to treat us based off our symptoms as well.
I’m going for a follow-up next month. I am getting my old lab results and ultrasound faxed to him for a comparison. He also wants me doing more blood work. Let’s see how this goes.


13 thoughts on “Thyroid Follow-up.

  1. Wow! I can’t believe all that you’ve been through and still no resolution! I am so sorry that you are going through this. I thought that I had it bad, but 3 1/2 years later after seeing 3 doctors myself I finally found the right one and she is finally getting me straight. You need to find another doctor I know it’s easier said then done, but what the heck is wrong with them it’s pretty obvious from your symptoms and the swelling that’s visible on your throat that you have thyroid disease! This makes me angry! Please find another doctor and I wish you a healthy life moving forward…


    1. I hope all is well Melanie and I’m glad you found the right one. I am definitely searching until I find someone who will listen.


  2. I cringed when reading this. It made me furious! I believe every word you wrote and I am so sorry you are being treated like that by your doctor! I understand! I have had severe health problems for four years now and I have experienced invalidation by doctors for many of my symptoms and pain. Several doctors have told me or implied to me that it was in my mind. That is an excruciating feeling. I am so freaking sorry. Trust yourself and be kind to yourself.
    Sending love and hugs.


    1. It’s really sad. After the appointment, I sat down and asked myself for hours if I was really crazy. I told myself maybe this is all in my head, but it’s really not. I know how I feel and I am the one dealing with these issues. It’s tiring when people, especially doctors don’t want to hear it. I have yet found someone that wants to treat me.

      Thank you so much, I really need them.


      1. Trust your body sensations, feelings and perceptions. They are so important and they are real. I am learning to do that. Also be kind to yourself in this time of suffering. I’ll be reading your journey as I continue on my own journey.


  3. I’m having similar issues, went in for biopsy on aug 21st dr said if it’s cancer they will remove thyroid , if not come he’ll see me in six months….im like what? My tsh is .438 I have 3 cysts and a complex nodule that is 1.3 cm, both grandmothers had graves (my antibodies were “normal” though he suspects hashimotos) my right lobe is bigger than the left (where complex nodule is located) he said yeah, your blood work is normal. I said but I have hyper and hypo systems, I have to live like this for six more months…he said well your boarderline but still consider in normal ranges, we’ll discuss what ifs after we get results back…. ive been trying to get this resolved for over a year now and am not on any medications. This whole ordeal has been very frustrating, I too wake up gasping for air, I have bouts of thyroid rage and am unable to commit to anything in fear it will fall on a bad day. It’s affecting every aspect of my life and best I can expect ,at this moment, is six more months then retest my levels?!?!! Grrr


    1. My heart hurts reading this. I’m not prescribed any thyroid medication either. They base it on our tests when all they have to do is just take a look at us and for once listen to our symptoms for Christ sake! I really hope you find a doctor who will listen. Prayers sent out to you.


    2. The right lobe is usually SLIGHTLY larger than left lobe even on normal thyroid.
      Is there an increased blood flow within the ENTIRE gland?
      If so it indicates inflammatory process!
      Cystic and complex nodules over 2 cm can be treated with ethanol ablation. (PEI)
      I recently so an article about new type of diagnostic ultrasound that can eliminate needs for biopsy


  4. I believe, you accidentally put inches instead of centimeters while indicating present nodule sizes. (I believe it should be Last year my nodules were 0.8 CM. This time it’s 1.18 CM. (left) &1.27 CM). (right); the size over 1 cm is indication for biopsy, if nodule is solid. I searched literature and have not find anything about the mass around the nodules you were mentioned. I could speculate that these are inflamed protruding lobes. the best thing to visualize these masses during swallowing with head tilted back (you may even make a short video)


    1. Nope, those are the exact numbers that were read to me from my ultrasounds. The reason why I searched for a new doctor is because the one prior to this one told me the nodules were so small, although there’s a chance I could have cancer. She had no idea what she was talking about. She learned more from me and was making me take ridiculous tests to prove its not thyroid disease but it all simply being in my head. During my last ultrasound I was asking questions as to why does it show a large mass around the nodules. He simply told me they must be examined because the nodules indeed are small. However, by just looking at my neck and seeing how much they’ve grown larger you can tell something is just not right. I know my thyroid itself is inflamed.


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