Date Night: Versatile Black Dress.

It’s a Friday or Saturday night and you’re stuck on what to wear. Depending on the occasion, you are either going to dress casual, dressy causal, or just dressy. Here’s a versatile look if you like to wear dresses.


image (10)

Here we have a plain (not really shown in the picture but it does have patterns on it) black dress. We all need a plain black dress in our closet. I purchased this dress at Rainbow. I have a couple of little black dresses simply because I love the color black and I need to wear certain dresses for different occasions. You can dress this down with a jean jacket. You can wear as it with booties or flats. The first time I wore this, I wore it with a leather jacket and my black sandal heels. Not casual, but now we can talk about how to dress it up into a classy look. So, let’s turn this plain black dress into…..


image (13)

This. You can dress it up with heels, a nice necklace, and a cute clutch. The clutch in this picture is a fuchsia color to add a pop for this look.

image (11)

A blazer can also be worn if you’re looking to look extra fancy. Say you’re going out to a fancy restaurant or somewhere else fancy.

image (14)


Hope you enjoyed this look! Lets give everyone a double-take including your date once he sees you in this look or something similar. Like or comment below anything that comes to mind. I like reading the comments you leave.


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