F21 Haul.

Have you ever gone to the mall or a store just for one simple thing and end up buying almost everything there? Earlier today I walked into the mall to buy a birthday preset for one of my little brothers. Let me tell you how my main focus failed. The first store I walked into was Forever 21. I picked up plenty of items then tired them on. Trying on outfits eliminates your choices, which I was glad because I was not about to spend money I should be saving. As I walked to the register, I then got distracted by the jewelry. I picked up two necklaces and a bracelet. Finally, I was in line… but then there were knee and thigh high socks as you walk in line. I picked those up, thought twice then placed them down. As I paid for my items, I saw this cute contact lens case. I almost purchased it, until I remembered I already have 4 contact lens cases. I only have 1 pair of eyes! lol. After I walked out, I eventually bought my brother a gift but I had to dash out of the mall because I would have been there all day shopping. Anyway, enjoy this mini haul and all of this was under $60!


image (3)




In the  pictures above are everything I purchased. I have a black and white striped crop top, jean material sleeveless crop top, red and blue plaid high waist skirt, maxi 3/4 sleeve dress, black high waist jeans, braided gold bracelet, and gold & silver necklaces.

image (5)

image (6)

image (7)


I have a vision with this crop top. I want to wear it with a loose white skirt or white pants and either with my brown cowboy boots or plain light brown boots. This crop top can be worn in so many fun and different ways.


image (8)

I was very skeptical when I saw this dress, but I picked it up anyway. I really love how it looks on me. I can wear it with heels or course or with leather boots. I can add a scarf. I can also wear it with a blazer and sandal heels for work. Here’s how it looks on me:

image (16)

image (9)


I immediately fell in love with this high waist skirt. I love how it looks on me. I didn’t take a picture but eventually I will do an outfit of the day. After I tried it on, I saw someone in the store wearing this skirt with a burgundy top tucked in, and black knee high socks. It was really cute!

image (12)

I’ve been meaning to buy a black and white striped shirt because there’s a certain look I want to portray. I can wear it with this high waist pants or I can wear it with a high waist midi flared skirt. I want that French look, so I have to look for an all black fedora as well. I will definitely wear this with my sandal heels. You can wear it with just about any colored shoes as well. 


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