Hashimotos Vampire.

I’m convinced I was bit by a vampire, therefore I am a vampire. I know what you’re thinking, this woman’s imagination is pretty wild… but let’s elaborate on a few things that I found about myself since being diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. In other words, thyroid disease.

As I walked out into the sun today I realized I have not been out in the sun for a very long time. (I am actually pale for my color and without makeup you can actually see this.) My body immediately felt weak and I felt like passing out. My skin felt like it was being scorched as well. Yes, I eat and I drink plenty of water so that can’t be the reason as to why I pass out within 10 minutes of being exposed in the sun.

Secondly, I am active by sundown. I have the energy of a school of toddlers that have eaten a bunch of sugar. I’m warning you, stay away from those monsters. It’s like a battlefield in there. I only go outside at night. Waking up at any time of the day is difficult for me. It does not matter how much sleep I get. Not only do I feel chronic pain all over my body, but I lose a sense of who and where I am. My memory would be lost for a few hours. If I were to sleep until the sun is down I would feel completely fine. I am ready to start my day and I will be up until sunrise. However, I do control this habit. It’s not easy, believe me.

Not convinced that I’m a vampire yet? Alright, so I don’t suck blood. In fact, the smell of blood makes me queasy. However, I drink water like there’s no tomorrow. In one day I have already had one gallon of water. Even after that, I’m still dehydrated.

If I were to ever be a vampire… *cough* I mean, I am a vampire… *nervous laugh* I would be a vegetarian vampire. Yeah, I don’t care what you guys think. I mean sure I’m not fast, I can’t workout without not being able to breathe. Also, my vision is terrible especially at night, and I don’t have a super strength….

But all vampires have a specialty.

Mine is taking naps and sleeping for a long period of time.

So there you have it everyone, a little hashimotos humor to get me by today only because I am not well and I am trying to distract myself.

Oh, and depression is a terrible disease which is one of my symptoms. I try to make myself laugh after I cry.

Although I made up this short story, I am still convinced I am a Hashivampire. Maybe it takes time for us special ones to fully develop. After all, I’m not normal at all. 😉


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