Thyroid Follow-up.

Apparently for a thyroid patient, the third time is not the charm. After my last appointment with my endocrinologist, I decided that’s it’s back to the drawing board on finding help for this terrible illness. This was my third doctor in 1 year. They keep getting worse, but I am determined to find the one for me.

For a whole week I have been feeling light headed and it feels as if my brain is being crushed. My breathing is also getting worse, I have brain fogs every day now, my memory is getting worse, and I’ve been in chronic pain for days. My spine hurts the most, so I feel paralyzed at times.

As I explained this to my doctor, he went over my blood tests then he told me a few things that shocked me. According to this doctor:

1. I am too skinny and I just need to eat more, so in his eyes my illness is not serious. My weight seemed like more of a serious issue to him. If anyone knows about thyroid disease, it either cause you to rapidly lose or gain weight. In my case, for years my weight would go up and down. I explained to him that I eat a lot and this is the smallest I’ve ever been.

2. He suggested that I see a psychologist because it’s “all in my head” when I told him about the brain fog as well as my symptoms.

3. He wants to up my dosage for the tranquilizer he gave me because I’m not calm enough since it’s all “in my head”.

4. He still believes I’m anemic and should see a gynecologist about why I’m anemic. Although I always request a copy of my tests so that I can look at these numbers myself. Guys, my result for anemia was only two point off from the normal range. I am and never was anemic. I’ve had this test done before and I never showed up as being anemic. However, I explained to him hashimotos does cause you to have this symptom sometimes

5. He believes my lifestyle is causing me to be this way. He simply told me he does not know why I’m having all these symptoms.

6. He believes the goiter as well as the large mass found on my cysts are not bad enough to have a biopsy. When I explained to him while I was getting my ultrasound, I was told I must have a biopsy because the mass could be anything, he ignored me.

As I read stories about patients who deal with doctors that tell them it’s all in their head and that they’re psychotic I never thought I would be a victim as well. I am over educating doctors about this illness. That last appointment reminded me of the last time with my second doctor. She told me once that there’s a chance I could have cancer… but I’m too young and I need my thyroid so she won’t have a thyroid ectomy done.

I refuse to die in any hands of someone who refuse to help me. I cried of course, but being strong and moving on is the only choice. That same day I already called two doctors. I’m determined to fight this illness and gain who I was before being diagnosed. If it’s one thing I learned after being diagnosed is to never settle for a doctor that refuse to listen to you and your symptoms. It’s not about the tests, most of us show up as “normal” even when we don’t feel “normal.” Also, certain doctors don’t test for the right things. The next time I hear the words normal and I don’t know, I am going to scram from their office. Also, if I have to educate them, I will scream!

As always, I have to pick myself up and keep moving on.

Stay strong. ❀


9 thoughts on “Thyroid Follow-up.

  1. Stay strong! Have you thought about seeing a naturopathic doctor? I was not interested at first, but now that I’ve gone to him, I feel so much relief. He actually cares about what I’m going through and seems to understand.

    Good luck.


      1. I’ve been going about 6 months.. I was hesitant, but figured I’d go to one appointment. After the first appointment, I cried. I felt so relieved, and so hopeful. He actually understood, and wanted to help me get to the root of the problem, rather then mask it by taking pharmaceutical drugs. He had me doing things that I questioned a bit (eating half an avocado every day..?), but also taking supplements. I feel so much better, it’s amazing! He has also helped with a lot of other issues I’ve had as a result of hypothyroidism (digestion issues, dry skin, etc.).

        It might be something to look into. Good luck πŸ™‚


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