Smoothie of the day.


Spinach, strawberries, and bananas. One of my favorite things to drink/make are green smoothies, they’re so good!


3 thoughts on “Smoothie of the day.

  1. Hi Crystal,

    I noticed your smoothie and had to tell you that there are somethings that we can’t eat or drink with thyroid disease some vegetables, fruits and meats as well can work against the thyroid. I can’t have 2 of the ingredients in your smoothie and that’s strawberries and spinach they are my favorites , but if I eat them I can really feel the difference. You might be different though…I have hypothyroidism and I’m guessing that you have hyperthyroidism. Usually if your hypo you gain weight like I did, you look very thin and hyper causes you to be thin. Anyway I would definitely research foods for which category your under whether it be hypo, hyper or hashimotos. I’ve read somewhere that you can actually control your thyroid disease without pills through food diets, although I’m terrified to stop taking my meds to try it. If I can help you in anyway with information and such please contact me at: Good luck I wish you well!


    1. Hey Melanie. Yes I am aware of the lists of foods that we cannot eat. I cut back on most of them a long time ago and I was hurt when I read that I cannot eat strawberries as they are my favorite type of fruits. However, I only have strawberries once a month. As well as green smoothies. I use to have them every day until I noticed the spinach was affecting me so I wouldn’t make smoothies with spinach and strawberries. If I have them just once in a long time, it does help me feel differently but in a good way. I use it to help me wake up a bit. I’m hypo but I do have symptoms for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism sometimes, which hashimotos does. Which sucks but we’re all a bit different. I heard there’s a way also, but I’m skeptical on that. I have a friend who is doing the same, but is still taking her meds. :p

      Thank you, same to you as well.


    2. Also, there are people who are thin that are hypo and those who are bigger with hyper as well. Remember, everyone is a bit different so not everything works for everyone. 🙂


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