Pros and Cons of An Online Shopper.

Here’s a not so interesting story about this cream sweater that I purchased online. When I saw it, the title and description said it was an over-sized sweater. Even on the model it was over-sized. I needed a sweater bigger than I am so that it reaches to my thighs for this weather change.


When I opened the package, I felt like it was an April Fools joke. I can give this to a child! The sleeves don’t reach my wrists. It stops at my forearm. It’s a little baggy, but all in all definitely NOT what I expected. There was no point in wasting money to ship it back, so of course I kept it. I figured I can work with this sweater.



Shopping online can save you a lot of money, however there can be a few cons about it. Shipping, I don’t worry about. It’s exciting tracking a package. I’ve ordered so many items online from out of this country and within this country that I no longer track my packages. I already know when it will reach my home. I rarely end up in a situation where the parcel does take almost a month to get here! Another con would be this current situation that I am glad I were able to work with; You will end up buying an item that does not match the description. I have ordered items that were too big for me no matter how much I checked the measurements. Fortunately I have an aunt that is a seamstress. She alters them for me.



Sweater: eBay

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Handbag: Aliexpress

Shoes: W Shoes

Necklace: Walmart

Watch: Michael Kors rose gold watch

Bracelets: Were both a gift. Can be found at Walmart


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