Reminder: Practice Self Love Daily.

Love is a word that’s indescribable and to most it can mean so many things. We all have our own definition of love and if I were to tell you what love means to me, I’d write a book. However, that’s not what I am here to talk about this time.

I don’t get how anyone can throw around the word love without a meaning attached to it. The act of love is a verb, a verb describes an action, and actions speak louder than words.

Just a reminder to myself and sharing with anyone who forgets this or simply needs this advise. If there’s anyone in your life that tell you they love you but don’t show it, sometimes you have to be selfish. Stop and save yourself, it’s okay to be selfish in this scenario. You must walk away because the only one that’s hurting you more than that person is yourself.

Practice self love daily.

– Cryssie


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