Counting My Blessings.

There are more reasons to smile than to frown. Count your blessings, not the times that bring you tears.


Yesterday afternoon I decided to make time to visit my grandparents. A few weeks ago, my ma (grandma) almost lost her life. When I was able to talk to her, I told her that her will on this Earth is not over and God is saying it’s not her time. I enjoy talking to my grandparents because they always remind me to stay humble and pure. When me and one of my brothers were kids, our grandparents from my father’s side raised us. Every time I visit, I always remember something about my past.

Like in the picture above. I was standing in their backyard thinking about the times that I got into trouble for climbing on one of the palm trees that used to be there. I use to be very quiet yet curious. Now I’m a mixture of loud and quiet… but still curious. One day, I got tired of waiting to have my own swing set so I used to tie ropes to a piece of wood then proceed to tie them on a tree branch. Once I sat on the piece of wood, down came the entire branch and I saw stars for the first time. It was like the cartoons whenever a heavy object would hit their head. You’d think I’d learn my lesson…

Another thing about me is I have lots of courage. I never give up and I always put this idea in my head that if I can try hard enough, then I will achieve anything that I put my mind to. So, one day I thought that I could teach myself to fly. I grabbed a chair, flapped my hands, then jumped. The chair went backwards and I hit the ground so hard that I busted my lip.
That would have been a really good vine. Now I have a scar on my lip that no one notices.

Just thinking about these stories made me laugh and I pray that my future children do not attempt any of these courageous stunts… or they’re going to be best friends with their doctor.


In my culture, the people love to plant all sorts of things. They have a remedy ready for just about any kind of sickness. I don’t know the names in English, but I do remember that my grandparents also planted flowers that were no longer there. At one of my old childhood homes, we had trees that consisted of plantains, oranges, avocado, aloe, tyme plants, limes, pineapple, and mangoes. I believe there were more but I cannot remember everything. My parents love gardening.


In the picture above, my pa (grandpa) was making stepping stones out of any piece of rocks that he can find. I inherited this trait from him that he also passed down to my dad. I love making and creating things. As you can tell, from the bootleg swing that I made haha. But, I also enjoy making things for my loved ones. I used to make my mom bowls, plates, vases, etc. I learned all of that in art class. One of the best things I made was a 3D aquarium. I also helped my dad turn our old boring driveway from cement to bricks.

After being force fed, watching the news with my ma (grandma), and talking to my grandparents, I decided to go home with my aunt and uncle so that I can hibernate. Before I left, my pa gave me money even though he knows I never ask for anything. My family will give even when they don’t have enough. It’s also rude to not give your guest anything before they leave your house or you’ll apologize for not giving them anything. My grandmother will send you home with a buffet and still apologize for not giving you more than that. After rejecting my pa’s money, I took it anyway. My family does anything they can to keep me happy. I never ask for anything but love and for that, I am blessed.

Keep the faith alive.

– Cryssie ❤


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