A Note to My Younger Self.


Dear younger self,

You have written many stories and once thought it would be amazing if you could write a note to your younger self. As the years flew by, you once thought it would take an eternity to reach where I am today. You’ve wanted to rush into this moment for so long. I can surely tell you that it’s best to enjoy your life and live in the now. The future can wait and you might miss out on a part of your youth if you rush.

You were always curious, wanting to learn everything there is to know. It’s great to be intelligent, but do not become upset if you cannot find the answers to everything, some things are best left that way. You’re always planning for your next step. I admire the fact that you always took on any challenge and never gave up. You have dreams and many talents. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot pursue them.

I’ve learned that you have a big heart that is filled with so much love and you always want to share the love that you have. You have gone through many battles, yet you still smile. Thank you for never giving up. Because you have fought through what you once thought was impossible, I am the strong woman that I am today. I can surely tell you that it gets better, however you must remember that you are a warrior. Never forget who you are. I remember the times that you’ve sat in your room crying to yourself. At times self harm seemed like the best idea. You never understood why or how, but you knew you had a purpose. You eventually turned to God and fought until you learned that self harm was not the answer. What I can also tell you is, you will come a long way. You have accomplished so much in so little time, and you will continue to grow. You have always been hard on yourself, remember to be gentle. You will soon encounter health issues because you forget to do so.

Most importantly, people come and go. You will learn the friendships/relationships that you have are seasonal. That is okay, learn from every lesson. You will eventually learn how to deal with heartbreaks. Continue to be kind even to those who hurt you and always practice self love. Not everyone will walk in the same paths that you take and they won’t understand the plans that God have for you. Never trust too easily and always know your worth. Pain is temporary, and I know how much you despise showing any signs of weakness. You will learn that it is okay to cry, but always whipe those tears and keep your head up. You are in control of your feelings, choose happiness.

Last but not least, never forget to give. Quoted by Anne Frank, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” I know that won’t become a problem, but you must always pay attention to your blessings and continue to be the person that God has made you. Though I don’t have a family of my own by now, I am still working on myself and God is still preparing me for that door to open. I learned that I am not ready yet. Don’t worry, you will get to have that Cinderella story one day when you least expect it. Be patient and once again, enjoy your youth.

It’s not the end. Your purpose: tell the story while inspiring/motivating others.

– Crystal ❤



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