The Lost Art of The Phone Call

A Couple Talks

Men are such creeps.

Scouring the blogverse, I’ve come across countless posts from women venting their frustrations about men who, in their minds, are social mutants. A popular complaint of the ladies is that men turn conversations sexual way too early on. Whether it’s an overly flirtatious compliment or a straight up dick-pic, a lot of us men have become trigger happy when it comes to turning up the conversational heat.

This is a symptom of a major problem for men when it comes to dating – We don’t know how to talk to women.

Why is this so? Where are all the smooth talkers? Are there any men like James Bond or Hank Moody out there who are equipped with a verbal arsenal that can charm a woman with words? How come every other guy sounds like Brick Tamland?

I’ll tell you why – People don’t talk on…

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