The Ugly Truth


What you want isn’t necessarily what you need. Yes, I am talking about those $200 shoes that you are thinking about buying when you know you won’t have enough money for your bills but you want to buy them anyway because they look really cute with your outfit for Saturday night! Or that juicy burger that you have your eyes on as your mouth is watering but you know you’re on a diet! FIGHT IT! You are a lot stronger than this! Let’s separate the wants vs. our needs. Say if someone has walked out of your life and you spend time crying your eyes out in the darkest hours of the night. A friend can also be someone who has walked out of your life. You don’t need someone who does not add value to your life or who does not know your worth. You assume it’s over, in your mind you think to yourself that you can’t continue to go on. One thing I do want to tell you is, no matter how great of the pain, you must go on.

John 1:5

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Easier said than done. I’ve been there, I am the prime example of someone who’s been through substantiation pain. Depending on the situation and how much the person took an impact on my life, I will cry. My heart feels heavy sometimes, but then I always get back up and keep moving. It’s okay to cry. We are human, however never allow anyone to steal your joy! Currently I am learning how to break free from people bondage. Everything on this planet is temporarily. We cannot focus on those who are seasonal and obviously not meant to stay in our lives. I was listening to a podcast. Cornelius Lindsey was on a radio show. The topic was “Why Men Abandon Relationships.” If you want to hear it, I was listening to it on The Lindsey’s app under The Gathering Oasis Podcast. You can find it in the ‘More’ section once you open the app. I know they also have their podcasts on iTunes as well.

Here’s the ugly truth. No one disappears or walks out of your life without a reason. A lot of times those who just walk out of a relationship have thought about this many times. They have left clues that they’re just about done with the relationship, however the one on the other side was in denial. They will drop clues and hints when they’re ready to leave. I always say actions speak louder than words. I spend time studying people. I pay close attention to body language and their actions. Clues that were right in front of your face were his/her actions! I am guilty for this. I can always sense when a friendship or relationship is about to be over, however sometimes I am left in denial.I learned that I cannot fix what is meant to be broken.

It’s not the end of the world and you have many reasons to be grateful. You have to shut down those negative emotions because you’re stronger than that. I know it’s hard and to those that are going through this I wish I could give you a hug. You will get through this pain and heal one day at a time. Throwing self-pity parties or bashing those that have walked out of your life only makes the situation worse. I always say when one door closes, another one opens with a better opportunity… however not every open door is from God. Trust and obey that God will bring in the right person into your life at the right time! The mind is powerful, you will believe whatever you set your mind to. If you think you will get through this, one day you will look back and thank yourself for taking that step. Remember, you are in control of your emotions.

Oh, and.. Ice cream and movies or chocolate… Or whatever you seek that makes you feel better. ❤


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