I Give Myself Away

image This afternoon at church was one of the best services. Robert Madu was the guest speaker. Towards the end of the service, I felt that I had to be baptized. After each service Pastor Troy and Stephanie Gramling were baptizing, so I followed God’s instructions to get baptized. I was supposed to be baptized last year, however I fell into a lie.

Satan’s greatest lie is that you have plenty of time to get right with God.

I held it off and lived my life as I pleased. I was partying, drinking, and trying to be my own match maker because I was focused on finding Mr.Right. I had a part-time relationship with Jesus and I was not fully committed. I slowly lost interest in all of these things over time. It came to a point where I was not honest with myself. I did not like how alcohol made me lose my judgment and how sick I would feel. I only wanted to party because I wanted to experience it, and although I wanted my next relationship to be my last, I did not commit to my vow to have sex after marriage. Two months ago, I had a dream that my relationship would end. Even after this dream, I still held on until it ended. I cried for a whole month until I hushed my emotions because he is not my husband. God did not place him I to my life and I awoken love that was not meant to be.

Song of Solomon 3:5 Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

At that moment, I was silent until this day. Quietly obeying God and working on our relationship. I cannot handle my life alone. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I deal with so much on a daily basis, but there’s so much peace in knowing that I do not have to worry about anything because I give all of my worries to Christ. I smile more, I do not have anxiety attacks, I’m much more calm, I’m blessed, and I am unbothered. It will never hit me that a week after I was obedient, I was given the things that I prayed about.  image Today I officially gave my life to Jesus. I can officially say that I trust you. I am fully aware that people are going to pay very close attention to me and wait until I mess up. You can do that, but understand that my walk with Christ didn’t happen over night. I broke free from people bondage, your opinions of me do not justify the woman that God has made me become. I am only focused on proving Him right. Stay in your lane and focus on your path. Watching others will rob your joy and that is when comparison begins. When you start comparing your life, you will belittle yourself. Stay blessed everyone!


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