For the Broken Souls

I am still writing my book as much as I can daily whenever I have free time. I wanted to share this with you all for those who would search for love in all the wrong places. I hear stories about men and women who are absent from love and it breaks my heart. So, this is for you:

You’re lying in bed with a man/woman that you have only known for a short amount of time, maybe longer. Then all of a sudden you turn to your side so that they won’t see your silent cries. You cry yourself to sleep in hopes that everything will get better the next day, but as the days pass the more you grow unhappy. You assume all of your problems can be fixed by sleeping with this person, yet after you have laid with the devil you realize pleasure cannot be mixed with happiness. He stole your happiness the moment you exchanged numbers and to this day he controls your emotions because you do not know how to make yourself happy. You’ll never be satisfied with the way he makes you feel, no matter how much he tries. If you’re lucky that is, as most are comfortable enough to stop loving you the way they did when they first met you. You begin to imagine all of the romantic dates you wish you would go on and receiving flowers once in a while. You begin to create a fantasy in your own mind.

Out of the blue you meet someone that sparks your heart and brings light into your world. You have envisioned someone like this for so long, so you begin to entertain them. It’s all innocent now until temptation creeps into your bed once again then you begin cheating on your significant other. Now you realize it’s too late but because you have mixed pain with the alcohol in your blood and the devil found his way back into your bed.

You’re still unhappy.

You’re still miserable.

You still cry yourself to sleep and bounce from man to man or woman to woman. Now you begin to carry on and infect another’s body with the disease that you caught.

Don’t allow temptation to take over you because I can assure you pain is temporary. Guard your hearts and learn to love yourself. It is not one’s job to make or keep us happy. Happiness is an inside job. You cannot love another if you do not know the Lord and love yourself first. The more you give into temptation, the more you destroy your soul. Fight the lies that the devil whispers into your ear. You are loved; you are worth more than just sex. Stay strong, it gets better.

The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.

– Tucker Max


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