Courting Advice.

A real man never wants to see his woman cry or struggling. Ladies, never entertain a man that degrades or neglects you rather than supporting and cherishing you.

– Tovares Grey


I saw a post that said something about if a guy treats you bad yet makes you happy at the same time, then you know it’s real. Since when? Don’t make up excuses for someone you know is not right for you. Move on because you deserve better. It’s not a man’s job to make us happy, but if his actions do not match his words then there’s a sign that you have to walk away. He should be building you up, not tearing you down. Vise versa. Often men will leave signs, yet it’s the other person that’s left in denial. It’s better to be single and alone than to be with someone and feel lonely at the same time. I’m not saying anyone is perfect, because we’re not. That’s why you must love yourself enough to know what you deserve.

Dear future husband, you do not complete me. That’s God’s job because He’s the only One that makes me whole.


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