Journal entry from: A Sense of Hope


4:50 AM                                                                                                         5/26/2012

I come from a generation that often confuses love for weakness. When you show any affection towards something or someone, it is thought as being weak on the inside. We are not allowed to own any of our emotions and our self-expression is being robbed from us. I am not afraid to express how I feel, because as a human that is my way of communicating. That is my way of letting someone know what I am feeling at the moment. Think of a baby. They don’t have the sense to speak, but they let us know how they are feeling and what they want through body language and with their emotions. It does not mean they are weak, but one can argue and say it is because they’re helpless. We were all once that baby, but we eventually learned how to do certain things on our won within time through practice and patience. That is the same with love. In the beginning it is like a seed. Then, over time it sprouts into a flower. With proper care, it blooms into something beautiful. Sure there are occasions when the rain would tear every inch of this flower, but then the sun heals it. Is that not how love works? A weak seed does not grow. And even when it does, it will fall apart before it is given a chance to grown.


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