Grow In Your Season.


I like this! How do you expect to succeed when you can’t commit to your current position? You can’t jump from point A to B if you are thinking about X, Y, and Z without putting in work! Be patient and give yourself time for growth. A seed takes time to grow. You won’t ever be satisfied and content with where you are because you jump from job to job or relationship to relationship once it does not work out for you. I knew the moment I walked in the building for my  job interview that my job will not be what I expected and that I would not like it. But it is a much better position for my health. I applied for full-time, better pay, and to be a night auditor.

During my orientation, without a warning they told me that they no longer needed someone to fill the position. So, I started off part-time, $1.50 less, and with a different position. A month after, I began to work both positions. Now I work the audit shift more than the front desk position. They saw how fast I learned everything. I can feel something better will be in store for me. A friend of mine asked why don’t I complain with the amount of work that is thrown at me or why haven’t I looked for another job yet? Because this is exactly where God needs me to be so that I can grow!

You cannot quit every time you do not like something. Some days I walk in wanting to stay in my bed. However, I will change my attitude and keep myself busy until it is time to go. Deep down, I really like my job. This industry is not for everyone. Have a better attitude about your current position. This season is temporary. Where you are now will not be where you’ll be forever.


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