A Sense of Hope


I am so blessed to have come this far and I am excited to share that my book is finally available!

This is for anyone and everyone who has been lied to. We all are going through something that no one else knows about. I know how it feels to have everything and then watch my whole life fall apart. I have battled with depression my whole life because I was a victim of abuse and neglect. I overcame thoughts of suicide, I had a bad past with relationships and friendships. I am still fighting a chronic illness, but you know what? I cannot be defeated. I choose to be happy. I chose Jesus. Surrendering was the best choice because now I have so much peace. I still get attacked, but I will never give up. Do not give up, you were called to do so much more. Don’t fall into these web of lies that the enemy whispers to you.

You can purchase this on Amazon, Amazon Europe, and CreateSpace. It will be available on Kindle very soon.

Be on the lookout for my giveaway later this week. You must follow me on instagram, Facebook, or on Twitter to find out more information!

Have a blessed day!


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