A Sense of Hope

We were created to be so much more than we can ever imagine. I know it’s hard and I know how badly you want to give up. If you would just hold on a bit longer, I know you will look back and be glad that you never gave up.

When I tell you I get it, I really mean it. Life gets tough, but you cannot give up. If I had given in and ended my life years ago, I would not be who I am today and where I’m at currently. I learned to let go of my past hurt and forgave those who hurt me. I was a victim of abuse and even when I cried out to certain people, they told me I was fine and that I needed to hush because we’re all going through something. I was silent for years about what I went through until I surrendered my life over to the Lord. He then instructed me to write this book so that I can help those who are hurting to draw closer to Him. I am brave enough to admit I battled with certain things like depression, thoughts of suicide (because I was told constantly that I was a mistake), and trust issues. I admit I was not okay and sometimes I won’t be okay, but I will never give up. If I had not been faithful every time He told me to move, I would have been that same confused and lost little girl. He saved me and healed me. My chronic illness also does not have me.
Stay strong.


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