This topic hit my heart the other day out of the blue. I was wrestling with God about writing this because I did not feel like talking about it. Until, he put me in check and told me that I do not write for myself. I write for others.

So, tonight as I am preparing to go to bed, I remembered a conversation I had earlier this week. Honestly, it wasn’t even a conversation. Someone from my past messaged me out of the blue. I already knew what he was going to say because he’s been persistent on trying to get me to sleep in his bed. He asked me to hang out because he wanted to see if he can change my mind. A year ago I had the impression that he wanted to go out on a date, but I was disappointed when I found out he was not on the same page.

Fast forwarding to the message he sent me, I shut it down real quick. I said these exact words:

Hi. Okay, there won’t be any chilling. 1. I’m saving myself until marriage 2. I’m not wasting my time with any random. I’m very content with my singleness and chasing after God’s heart until it’s time for me to be in a Christian relationship. I pray that you find a good woman some day. 🙂

I do not have the time to entertain anyone. Why is it that so many men and women waste their time with someone knowing they aren’t right for them? Why do you cry about someone who you shouldn’t be laying in bed with? Stop hiring a clown to keep you entertained. SHUT IT DOWN and take it to the throne!

I was reminded about a chapter in my book. I wrote about a man I used to date. We dated for a year, but it ended because he told me I was not wife material. However, he wanted to sleep with me even after he broke up with me because he didn’t trust anyone to sleep with him. I was disgusted. I told him I am going to stick to my vow and not have sex anymore until after marriage. He replied, “Who are you doing this for?” I responded to him that I was doing this for myself and for God. Months after, he contacted me and told me he had an STD but he did not want me to know any information because he was not sure who gave it to him.

I went into details in my book, but long story short I was tested negative (thank God) which indicated he had not been faithful throughout our relationship. I wanted to express my anger to him, but I prayed for him instead and thanked God for freedom! If I would have continued to sleep with him, think about the mess of would have been in!

Why is it that so many of you are hitting up someone after midnight wondering where they are, can they chill, and what they’re doing?! All of that time could have been spent with the Lord. That conversation will lead into temptation followed by regret. If someone cannot respect your decisions to wait, then you need to find the courage and walk away.

Song of Solomon 8:4
Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

We have to guard our heart. Pray that God helps you through this. You are worth so much more than just thighs and a cheap excuse as to why someone won’t respect you.

– Crystal  ❤


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