“All things are working for my good cause He’s intentional; never failing”

Travis Greene

How do you explain a love like this? A love that can have you spinning and dancing one minute, then have you feeling as if you are like the waves in the ocean; swaying back and fourth, washing away the footprints that left an imprint. He knows what’s best for us, even when we constantly pray for  the things that are not for His glory. He humbles me and teach me to love like Him.

I am a woman, however I feel like I am still a child that throws tantrums whenever I don’t get my way. He waits until I am calm with open arms and then tells me, “Be patient my daughter.” He’s so wise and patient. I feel secure and can rest knowing that He will never leave nor forsake me. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

I was reminded of one of our promises to each other on Monday. My illness have been kicking me in the butt lately, so it was one of those days. As I layed in bed, I felt as if I was falling from the sky. I also had brain fog, chronic pain, and my throat felt inflamed. The enemy tried to tell me how I might as well stay in bed because there was no way I could function. I then told him, “No, this won’t do because I have bible study tonight.”

After I had enough, I began to pray. I told the enemy that he was not welcomed, so he needed to take his lies with him and get out of my house! I don’t ever want to feel him dancing around my head again because the Lord lives here. I prayed for strength and for the Lord to use me that day. I immediately gained the strength to eat, shower, and get ready for bible study. Once I was surrounded by my church family, I felt much better.

This brings me back to the promise. 7 months ago, my relationship ended. It was rough and not expected. We both left our jobs to pursue mortgage loan origination and so that we could work with each other. Thank God that did not work out! I would have been dodging and doing spy moves all up in that office just to avoid him. During that time I was lost about my purpose and what I was called to do. I did not have a car, which was tough because I could not help my family. I prayed for a car to help them for 4 years. I worked hard to save for one, but I was always told to just be patient.

I’ve attended my church for a year now, however I was not able to go as much as I do now due to how far it is from my home. I’ve offered to pay for gas. Unfortunately, my friends were not consistent when it came to church. I then begged the Lord for a car so that I can attend church weekly. (This story is partially in my book and will be elaborated in my next one.) Finally, back in April as I test drove my car the Lord told me I would be taking it home that day and that I must remember my promise to attend church.

Fast forwarding, I am now with my church three times weekly, employed in the Hospitality industry, I have a brand new car, I am a self published author, and I am continuing to use my passion with helping women of all ages who struggle with depression, thoughts of suicide, abuse, an illness, relationships, and having faith in God.

During bible study, I couldn’t help but to smile more than usual. God works in mysterious ways. I have always wanted to volunteer at a church since I was a little girl, but my old churches rejected my family. Now I will finally get the opportunity to serve the Lord even more. Since I felt as if I was an outcast, I prayed to get to know the people in my church. I also prayed for sisters after God’s heart and to get out of my comfort zone. I watch Him give me my heart’s desires one by one. I am a part of my church connect groups, I met many incredible Christians, and have sisters who challenge and motivate me.

If I had not been obedient and trusted in His plans for me, I would have been that same lost woman who would cry out for help. God places certain people in your life for a reason. He challenges you to see what you will do in a certain situation. As someone who’s had trust issues, I can say I trust these people with all my heart because they belong to the Lord as well. We are all the body of Christ and it is our job  to lift others, not tear them down. (1 Corinthians 12)

Thank you Jesus for everything. May you contunue to work on me so that I can be the woman you intend me to be. As for those who are in my life, thank you for being my new family. I love you all. The Lord will continue to bless and use you for His glory. ❤

– Crystal


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