I Will Be There


I Will Be There

Twinkled eyes

Dimpled cheeks

Little feet

My heart beat

She who is in me will light up my world with just one glance

Love at first sight

As I cradle her in my arms, like a rushing waterfall, I will shower her with my love

You are safe in my arms, always

I will be there

The moment you stumble when you choose to walk before you crawl

And when your first words are momma, I hope

When you fuss about being too hot, too cold, hungry, or in between

I will be there to sacrifice my sleep

Twinkled eyes

Dimpled cheeks

It is okay to close your eyes as you sleep

Fear is false, therefore monsters are not real

So rest your heart to whatever you feel

I will be there baby girl with joy

As you show me your perspective with so much hope

As you take a leap of faith in this world

Like the Little Engine That Could repeating to himself, “I think I can”

I know you can, so stand up tall

I will be there in case you fall

Twinkled eyes

Dimpled cheeks

With a heart as full as the moon

Guard it because the wolves come out at night

Looking to prowl and devour everything in sight

I will be there for your first heartbreak to bandage your wounds

Stay away from boys who don’t know your worth

Or those who try to take away your crown

My princess, a real prince won’t shut you down

Twinkled eyes

Dimpled cheeks

As the seasons pass through

I will always be there because I love you​

– Crystal


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