Operation Shutdown.


I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but you have got to practice operation shut it down!

Shut down those who rob your joy, shut down that one coworker with the nasty attitude, shut down that donut that you’re about to eat knowing you’re on a diet, shut down that expensive thought you are having knowing that your wallet doesn’t match whatever is going on in your mind (self made millionaire, but you can’t pay your bills… yeah, shut down that idea as well), shut down those texts talking about “What are you doing?” and “Can we chill?”, shut down those boys that have no business being in your bed, shut down that toxic friendship that is just dragging you down, shut down that negative thought you’ve been having all day! You better shut the devil down and declare that starting today you will no longer open a gateway for Him to break into your mind! Allow the Holy Spirit to break and take care of you. I don’t care what anyone says, you are a masterpiece! You are far too precious to allow ANYONE to be playing around with your mind. You can fight this! ❤

– Crystal


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