Rest Your Heart.


As I was driving home from work, I drove a little bit too much under the speed limit because of all the puddles in my neighborhood. I just wanted to speed home because I am exhausted and I have to take care of a few things before I can sleep. Especially when I did not have much sleep yesterday and I have plans later on today. I then looked at all the ducks and the birds playing in the water. They were cleaning and drinking from the water. They were hopping around gleefully.

I immediately thought about Matthew 6:26-34. I often think about all of the animals that survive off what God provides for them. He provides for us! This is the God that have the whole world in His hands. The same God that makes sure the waves stop just enough to not flood our homes. He is the very same God that is in control and still have time to spend with us because He will never forsake us. So, who am I to worry about something so small?

I know how easy it is to rush time or worry about something that you cannot see, but I just want to tell you to rebuke the thoughts of fear and worry because it did not come from God. Let Him do His job. He allowed you to still breathe another day although each day is not promised. Be grateful and thank Him rather than complain. Money should be the least bit of our worries, what we eat, wear, and our future. He is always on time, never too late and surely not too early.


– Crystal


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