Love 101: Spending Time Alone


Learn to be alone and take care of yourself. The enemy wants our lives to be so cluttered that we no longer have time for our God, family, friends, and ourselves. He wants to shift our focus on to things that are unimportant. If you’re not careful, you will ruin your relationships this way.

Spend some quiet time today. You need to renew your mind, body, and spirit. Go on a date with God. Declare that the enemy will no longer steal a part of you. You will learn more about yourself and more about God. That is when you want less of you and more of Him. As someone who is a busy body, I know that if I do not set time apart with God I will be lost. I will become overwhelmed and stressed out. I’ll slowly hear His voice less and the enemy’s voice more.

Today I am spending my entire day with God. I was reading about strategic prayer not too long ago because I am in a season where I am at war; Spiritual warfare. I refuse to give up. I am praying for my health, my family, friends, and my future family.

Currently, I am writing down new goals since I have already completed most of them for this year. I am also writing down everything that is on my heart. I am creating a vision board, so I am on  Tumblr looking at interior designs, homes, inspirational texts and posts, traveling pictures, pictures of children, and of course wedding photos.

Disclaimer: You read that last sentence wondering if I am really getting married or if someone is in the picture huh? I am not getting married, I am still very much single. However, I do pray for my future husband and family. Marriage is in my future, therefore that is going on my vision board. God is preparing my one day husband as well as myself until we meet. I write down what I look for in a man, my standards, but most importantly I write down that God knows the desires of my heart. Therefore I may have an idea of who and what I want, but I need God’s best for me.

I can literally watch HGTV all day
Love the dark cabinets and white countertops! Let's talk about that chandelier though

Later on, I am going to do some Christmas shopping, then bake some brownies with Him and watch a movie afterwards. Hopefully I’ll have enough energy to clean my car because Pearl is becoming Beige. A nap sounds so much better, but I must get everything done… and then nap. Haha! Oh the joys of being an adult. I really look forward to and plan out my naps daily.

Whatever you decide to do today, remember you are doing this to strengthen your relationships with everyone. Your future self will thank you! Start your goals for next year, start a bible plan, start a new hobby, or finish something that you haven’t completed. Take some action into your future!

Luke 5:15-16
But now even more the report about him went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities. But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.

Even Jesus sets time alone to pray to our Father.

– Crystal


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