Last Sunday.


Today is the last Sunday of the year!!! Have you already set out your goals for next year? You don’t have to wait until January 1st to start. Why wait when you can start now?

You have two sets of goals:

1. Short term (6 months- 1 year)
2. Long term (1-5 years)

It’s important to write them down. That way you can always go back and check them off. This year I have completed my goals and I just want to thank God for helping me through it all. I am looking forward to what else He have in store for me this upcoming year. It’s looking bright already!


The Lord had directed me to paths that I don’t understand, but I trust Him. My half introverted self learned to make new friendships with my sisters in Christ. Being surrounded by so many God fearing women inspires me. It definitely changed my perspective and outlook on people. I simply prayed for sisters after God’s heart, and watched everyone in my life enter one by one.

I learned that no one is perfect no matter how fabulous their life may seem. We are all different and still learning. As women, our mouths can either help or hurt someone. Be kind to others, you never know what they’re going through!

This was taken at our church. Christmas was amazing this year! I’m going to miss these decorations!

Christmas decorations at Potential Church
This necklace was purchased at Charlotte Russe 4 years ago and it still looks good!
Potential Church Cooper City Campus

Have a wonderful day! Let’s start off our week with a positive attitude and end this year with a bang! This woman is on fire for God and I am taking back everything the devil stole from me in 2015! I choose love, peace, and joy! It’s great to start out fresh with those who have the same passion and goals as you do.

Don’t forget:

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– Crystal


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