My Saturday.

Coming together to help those in need. Praying I get to go on more mission trips.

Downtown Miami

Went to downtown Miami to serve the homeless. While others handed out food, I helped with sorting out clothes and helping them find what they needed. It was so nice seeing them happy. I enjoy having conversations with elderly people as well. They always have the best stories.

One woman reminded me of myself. She was so little and sweet. She didn’t say much and smiled the entire time. She was so unbothered and kept coming back to ask me for help.

Vegetarian bowl at Chipotle

Afterwards, I ate at Chipotle with the guys. Talking about Evangelism, our testimonies, and God.

Sunsets in the Sunshine state

Ended the day helping my best friend and her family move to their new apartment. This was my first time seeing thus view. She’s been holding out! So beautiful.

– Crystal


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