Lunch time with a couple of the women from my church women’s connect group.

We were discussing our lives and visions God has given us for other people. This year will be our year. God is already moving in our lives with the unexpected. As a Christian, I have to learn to embrace being uncomfortable. I wouldn’t learn if I am always comfortable.

Putting Christ back in Christians. You can’t say one thing if your actions don’t match what you preach. We are walking bibles. I am not saying that I am perfect, in fact I constantly remind others that I’m not. My life isn’t perfect either. But one thing for sure is I never want my relationship with God to be fake. It’s not something I can fake. He is constantly showing me areas in my life that I need to work on and loves me unconditionally despite my flaws.

Don’t be a counterfeit that turns into rust and green overtime like the fake jewelry you are allergic to. How is your prayer life and relationship with Christ like once you’re alone?

Jason's Deli. I had the pasta primo without meat.

I recommend eating at Jason’s Deli. They have a vegetarian and vegan menu as well. There’s also a salad bar. If you fill out their survey, you get a free gift or a cookie! Points to them for giving me a fresh out of the oven macadamia nut cookie! So good!!

– Crystal


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