Time To Walk In Destiny



the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

This is your destiny. It will happen at the right time and at the right moment. Do you choose to sit around and accompany misery because you are on the verge of giving up or do you choose to walk into it?


Romans 8:28 

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

This was my verse for last week. All things will work for my good (God’s best, not what I want) because I love God and I am called to fulfill His purpose.

I have heard the song, ‘Intentional’ by Travis Greene, but it wasn’t until I actually sat down and meditated on Romans 8:28 that it all became clear to me.

All things are working for my good
Cos He’s Intentional
Never failing
I know that all things are working for my good
He’s Intentional
Never failing

Not everything that happens to us will be good nor is it meant to keep us happy. You see, I had to learn the hard way that God is not an emotion. We can kick and scream all we want like a toddler that doesn’t get their way, however we need to understand everything happens for a reason. It’s like the parent who wants their child to succeed, therefore they sacrifice all they have for their child. It’s also like the parent who disciplines their disobedient child to teach them a lesson.

Lessons that must be learned in and out of our season. God wants us to fulfill His purpose. He will always keep His promise, like I discussed last week about Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 21:1-3), however you must change your perspective whenever things do not go your own way.

I am grateful and thank God for the plans He have made because He knows everything that we need. He have all the hairs on our head numbered and have thought about us long before we were born. (Psalm 139:13)

Whenever I cry out to God, I tell Him that I will remain obedient even though I don’t understand and when I am emotionally drained. I will rejoice and remain faithful! Just because I was hurting at that moment, it doesn’t mean that feeling will last forever. God wants to see where our faith lies during our toughest times. Those are the times when the enemy can easily slither into our minds like the snake in the garden.

It’s tough to rejoice in times of our sufferings, especially when we are in our quiet seasons. However, God made a promise for each and one of us. Dealing with a lot of spiritual warfare, I learned to trust in His timing. I learned how to fight harder with prayer. Destiny means our time will come in the future. It was ours before we were even thought about! God is intentional and I never give up because He always keeps His promise despite my flaws and the slightest bit of doubts.

You know you’re on the right path when the enemy tries to hinder our blessings. Don’t allow him to tell you anything that contradicts God, tell him who he is (John 8:44). Cast down the spirit of depression and fear. Let the enemy know you are a child of God and are not one to mess with. You are highly favored and His masterpiece. When you know who you are and what God thinks about you, you do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise in the name of Jesus!

Some of you need to work on yourselves internally because there might be something about yourself that’s blocking your blessings. It could be greed. You might be praying for a raise, but God may be telling you to give more than you normally do. This confuses you because you want more, not less. Instead you’re holding onto materialistic things that moth and rust destroy (Matthew 6:19-24) but God is whispering, “Trust me.”

Trust me. Those words are hard to swallow, I know. But who do you serve; money or God? Because in verse 24, it tells us we cannot serve both God and money. The reason for this is because money blinds us!

It may not be money that you are holding onto. It could be a boyfriend that you know you’re not meant to be with, a toxic friendship, a job you’re not meant to work for, etc. As the parent I mentioned earlier that disciplines their child to teach them a lesson, God does not want us to be blinded by foolish things! He is also the parent who sacrificed giving His only son to come down to this earth that gave His life for us so that we can be with our Father in heaven some day because He loves us! I dont know about you, but I will trust Him every day because no one will do that for me!

I ask each and one of you to sit at God’s feet. Talk to Him about your life and simply pour out to Him. Write down short term and long term goals. Discuss them with God to seek His approval. Write down everything that He pours onto your heart. Keep doing what God has called you to do and ask the Lord what you need to do and work on in order to get from point A to Destiny.

– Crystal


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