Continue to teach me to love like you, Father. Continue to teach me to be more like you and less of me. You’re so pure, patient, kind, and your love is unconditional. It’s like the sun and the stars because when I wake up and fall asleep, I know You will always be there. You’re that voice in the back of my head that pushes me to keep going. You’re the warm embrace whenever I feel like I can’t. It’s like no other. If I ever start to linger, lead me back to you.

For those who feel lonely and feel as if they have no one to love during this season, God’s love is always here. Only He can fill in your voids. Lord I pray that every soul that is alone and crying out for help, will eventually find You. Show them Your love. There are those who are afraid or ashamed to come to You because they assume You have punished them for their mistakes. They assume You have forgotten about them. Soften their hardened hearts and show them that their mistakes have already come to past and you are a God of forgiveness. You have already died for our sins, therefore we are forgiven. But I pray they learn to come to You, even when the enemy tells them that they should be running towards sin and not to You. Thank you for everything that You have done in our lives. Holy Spirit, continue to lead us towards the light in a world thats filled with darkness. I love You Father.


– Crystal


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