Haitian Vegan Dinner

My family thinks it’s impossible to be West Indian and a vegetarian/vegan. Although I don’t think I can eat anything made in the Turks and Caicos Islands because majority of the food are seafood, I still think I can eat some of the food from my Haitian culture.


Sharing my dinner tonight because I made banan peze (fried plantains)! I have not had these in a while, so after seeing one of my friends snap herself making them, I began to crave them. The sweet plantains are my favorite, but I’ll have the green ones tonight.


Cut the plantains in a slanted line. This makes it easier to mash them in the end! Fry them until they’re a little hard. I used olive oil to cook them in.


Once they are hard, place them on a napkin to get rid of the excess oil. In this image, on the left side there’s a bowl with salt water. I mixed salt with water so that I can dip my plantains in after this step. My mom taught me this as it gives them a salty flavor. It’s not too salty so it tastes amazing. I love it!


Fry them again on medium heat until they’re golden and crispy.


Remove excess oil and enjoy!


I had a side of lettuce with olive oil, lemon juice, and vinegar as dressing. Avacados and brown rice with beans. I am satisfied and proud of myself for keeping this vegan while sticking to my culture.

– Crystal


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