So you’re single and you’re thinking this is the end of your life as you throw a pity party watching The Notebook and eat ice cream. You’re so desperate for love that you allow anyone to disrespect you because you have no respect for yourself. Instead of waiting to date with purpose, you date with the desires that will eventually drain you.

That used to be me. Single, alone, and a hopeless romantic. Searching for love in all the wrong places. I have gotten my heart broken just enough for God to show me that those voids could only be filled by Him.

That’s when I surrendered. Although I am a warrior, I do not fight for conditional love.
– Crystal Metellus

Instead of going back to my old ways, I decided to change my perspective on being single as I drew even closer to God. Let’s get started on these single goals!

6/14/15. The day God tapped me on the shoulder and told me to get baptized. The enemy knew this would happen, so he tried to stop me from going to church that day. I killed off those fleshly desires and went to church.

Draw closer to God whenever you start to feel alone. Surround yourself around people with a positive mindset, who will keep you accountable, and who will push you closer to God.

Joy to the world!!!! Our first Christian concert together!

I met my best friend who is also single last year just when I prayed to have sisters who are also after God’s heart. How did the Lord get two introverts out of their homes to meet? No idea, but He places the right people in your life at the right time. We had both just ended our relationships. We hold each other accountable and remind ourselves to not go back. God has blessed me with this Joy to the world!


Go out with your friends and have a bonfire! This was on Halloween night at Joy’s church. There were music, games, food, smores, and a bonfire!


Quiet time with the Lord. You become to know Him better and yourself. During this time you know yourself and what God’s word says. You learn and experience His love.


Go on nature walks! During this time, my aunt passed away a few days after my baptism. I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t. I still miss her every day, but I learned to rejoice in times of suffering. I needed fresh air, so I went to Treetops Park and went on nature trails. The view from the top of that tower was incredible! Every path I went on, I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me the entire time. I would get a “No, go the other way” every time so that I wouldn’t walk into dangerous spiders or touch poisonous plants.

Create a better healthy lifestyle. Work on your diet and stick to it. It takes 21 days to create a habit!

Start cooking more or take a cooking class


The Gathering Oasis' Reserved Singles Retreat 2015

Travel with your friends!


Watch the sun rise!

Read books
Work on your dreams

The Lord instructed me to write my first book. Now, it is not only available on Amazon and Kindle, but in my church’s bookstore. Glory to God! So excited for Him to guide me through the vision He gave me. Work on your goals and your dreams!

Go on missions and mission trips. I am patiently waiting for God to allow me to go on a mission trip outside of the US.

Serve the homeless and those who are in need. Help out your community.

Laser tag. It got real that night
Go on bowling and karaoke nights
Worship, worship, worship!

Every chance I get to go to a Christian concert, I go! I love to worship!!!

I met these amazing gospel artists at Lovestruck 2016!!
iHope with Tasha Cobbs, Tye Tribett, and more!
Spend more time with your family
I love taking my siblings out and seeing the smiles on their face
Explore new cities
Spend time with your sisters or girl friends



Being Transformed team

Join a movement. I was a part of the Being Transformed 101 team. Visit beingtransformed101.com!

Poetry nights!!!! I went by myself because it was date night with the Lord. The Holy Spirit flooded the building with His presence. Amazing night!
Go kayaking. One of my favorites!!!

You get the idea. In my book, I listed things you can do while you’re single. Get up and take an advantage of this time to grow and have fun! It is called a season for a reason. God is preparing you! His timing is always the best timing. It’s not too early, but never too late. Allow Him to show you what you need to learn and work on. Keep this in mind: Content in your singleness, content in your marriage. Just do you, boo!

Here are other things you can do during your single season:

– Art shows
– Laugh! See a comedy show
– Go on spontaneous adventures
– Spa days
– Go Karting
– Movie nights (No Netflix and chilling with randoms!!!!)
– Dinner nights
– Kayaking or canoeing (My favorite!)
– Zoo
– Museums
– Scuba diving
– Go on a cruise with your girlfriends
– Boat tours
– Work on a hobby
– Learn an instrument
– Road trips
– Fairs
– Get dolled up and have a girls night out (Not clubbing! We are to be quiet in the spirit, not wreckless.)
– Excercise

These are just some things you can do. Get creative and enjoy this time! You don’t need anyone to justify who you are. Happiness is an inside feeling. You will not find that in anyone else.

I’d love to hear any ideas you have! Feel free to comment below! Have a wonderful day everyone!

– Crystal


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