It takes 21 days to make a habit, and 90 days to create a lifestyle.


So you want a better prayer life, but you haven’t actually gotten on your knees or remember the last time you have spoken to God. You want to be in better shape, but haven’t actually cut off eating junk food. You want a promotion, but quit every time you dislike a job or you haven’t worked hard for that promotion. Nothing will fall onto your lap. You have to get up and take action in order to make a change.

I remember walking into the doors of my job last year. Around that time I left my previous job at the airport so that I could study mortgage loan origination/mortgage banking. I specifically prayed for another office or desk job. I wanted about the same amount of pay, but more would have been better. After taking that exam, I failed. I was left unemployed, but thank God I had saved enough to support myself.

I had just finished getting my blood drawn and I was walking in the sun. I saw this Marriott sign and the Lord told me to walk in and apply. The Lord sure does have a sense of humor, because I had on burgundy jeans, a sheer floral top that hung off my shoulder, and I pretty much looked a hot mess! However, I walked in and asked if they were hiring. Once I turned in my application, I prayed on it but because of how I appeared, I was not confident.

To shorten this story, I got the job offer! Which you have already guessed since I gave it away in the beginning that it is my job at the moment aside from my ministry. As I sat down for one of my interviews, I told the Lord I knew that place would not be what I expected and that I would grow to hate it.

Indeed I do. At this point, if it were up to me I would have left a long time ago. In fact, I think about it every time a guest curses at me to my face. But, that is when I cast my worries onto God. During my orientation, I was told that they were no longer looking for the position I applied for, but they could squeeze me in and give me a few hours. I was also told that I would be getting paid less to start off. I was in shock, because I turned down a job offer at a better company with more pay and a better position!

Someone asked me once why haven’t I left because she would not handle the amount of stress I deal with. I told her this:

“There is a reason as to why the Lord instructed me to be at that place. As much as I pray for patience, the Lord tests me in that area. He wants to see where my faith relies in the times that I am suffering. Being at that place has caused so much tears and depression, but over time I learned to rejoice! I learned to strategically pray and fight through it. I have to constantly kill off my flesh so that I allow God to lead me, not myself.”


A lot of you want to give up because your situation seems unfair or it’s not what you have expected. So, you’ll run to every open opportunity until you are satisfied. Let me tell you something, you will never be satisfied with plans that are not God’s. Being consistent will get you where you need to be. Instead of quitting, ask God what it is that He needs you to do.

Being successful means that you know better things are to come. You build a platform and work your way up. I trusted and obeyed the Lord. I didn’t complain. Since my work ethic was outstanding, I was given the position I applied for with more pay. Glory to God! He heard my cries and kept His promise with me because of my obedience!

Here are a few tips on how I manage to remain consistent:

1. Praying through the process. Every day I pray that God uses me and gives me enough strength to keep going. I thank Him for everything He has done, especially when at one point I prayed for this.

2. Which brings me to remembering where I used to be. I needed a job. There are a lot of people who wish they could be in our position.

3. Give yourself a chance to grow. It’s okay to make mistakes, we learn from them. Give yourself a chance to strengthen your weaknesses. Pick yourself up, and try again!

4. Stick to your word. Don’t say you’ll do one thing, then end up doing something else based off your mood. Kill off fleshly desires!

5. Think positive and surround yourself around positive people! I am always playing worship music at work to get me through my shift! It goes by quickly and before you know it, I’m already home and in my favorite place in the world… my bed! Other than church of course 😉 . My friends constantly remind me that I won’t be here forever. It’s good to be reminded.

6. Motivation, motivation, motivation!!! Keep going!

7. Be specific about what you want. What are your goals? What do you expect your outcome to be? Write them down so you can follow up to keep yourself accountable.

I hope these tips help you through your process as well. It’s not a lot, but it’s just a few to help us all get by.

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

– Crystal


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